Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration

The Declaration is the most recent instalment in a series of policy documents released by the Education Council since 1989. Each of the declarations aims to outline the national educational goals and commitments for the ten years following its release, at which point an updated document is released.

Many Nations – Scott Anderson CEO

Many Nations Ltd operate four micro schools across Queensland with a maximum of 35 disadvantaged and disengaged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to stop the school to prison pipeline. CEO Scott Anderson provides an overview of the work of Many Nations and their future directions.

Ros Thomas, Assoc of Independent Schools NSW – IEBA video interview

Ros discusses the Waratah Project and framework, which supports practice schools to assist the staff in their cultural learning, allow students to understand culture in the context of their schools and build strength-based approaches around their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 30 schools across NSW are involved in the project.

Darryl’s journey: IEBA video interview

Darryl, an Indigenous student from Ceduna in SA, has been a boarder at Immanuel College in Adelaide for 4 years. He shares his boarding experience and his advice for new Indigenous boarders. The Principal and the Director of Boarding talk about the school’s Orientation program and their commitment to the students.

Why do we need a Standard? – IEBA webinar

Keynote Address by Hon Warren Snowdon MP at the National Indigenous Education & Boarding Symposium Geelong, 17 March 2020.

Presents arguments for the need to develop a National Indigenous Cultural Boarding Standard as well as a National Indigenous Cultural Boarding Strategy.

Strategies for Remote Education Systems

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The Remote Education Systems research project, conducted between 2011 and 2016 focused on finding ways to improve outcomes for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

This report sets out what was achieved by the RES project and how, critically reflects on impact from the work and lists strategies for improvement.

Closing the Gap – Donnella Mills video presentation

Donnella Mills, Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation was a Keynote speaker at the National Indigenous Education & Boarding Symposium in 2021.
Donella’s video presentation is on Closing the Gap, formation of the Coalition of Peaks, the voices of Indigenous people, and improving outcomes for Indigenous students.

2021 Indigenous Boarding Awards Presentation

The 3rd National Indigenous Boarding Awards were presented live via Facebook on Wednesday 5 May 2021. This Awards presentation via video acknowledges excellence in 5 categories, including: Exceptional Cultural Connection by a Boarding School or Residence; Exceptional Contribution to the Community by an Indigenous Boarding Student; and Excellence in the Provision of Indigenous Student Health & Wellbeing