Student retention in boarding schools for indigenous students

Student Retention (or lack of student retention) is probably the biggest issue faced by schools and residences that catering Indigenous students. It seems to be an issue faced by all schools and residences although some organizations have better retention than others. This informal paper poses some strategies to build retention.

Boarding Training Australia Student Profiling Tool

Boarding schools receive applications for enrolment from a broad range of different students, including some students who are not suitable for the school boarding environment. Boarding Training Australia has developed this profiling tool for boarding providers.

Indigenous Parents of Boarding Students 2022


WW report based on consultations with parents of Indigenous Boarding students. Contains six recommendations based on engagement with communities prior to enrolment, establishment of cultural advisory groups, chaperones for students from remote communities and the provision of ABSTUDY workshops for parents so they are aware of their rights and entitlements.