It Would Give you a Space to be Yourself

This research sought to investigate the possible relationship between the interior architecture of current boarding schools and the level of ‘belonging’ felt by the Aboriginal students who live in them.
Key findings include that there is a role for interior design in the delivery of positive boarding school experiences.

Dear Son and Uluru Statement from the Heart – IEBA webinar

In this IEBA webinar, author Thomas Mayor shares the journey of his recent book, Dear Son, which shares heartfelt letters written by First Nations men about life, masculinity, love, culture and racism.
Thomas also provides reflections on his advocacy for the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Boarding and Australia’s First Peoples – IEBA webinar

Marnie-Obryan-webinar cover image

In this webinar Marnie discusses her book, Boarding and Australia’s First Peoples, which encourages new and collaborative approaches to Indigenous education programs.

Built around the first-hand narratives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alumni from across Australia scholarly analysis is layered with personal accounts and reflections.

Closing the Gap – Donnella Mills video presentation

Donnella Mills, Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation was a Keynote speaker at the National Indigenous Education & Boarding Symposium in 2021.
Donella’s video presentation is on Closing the Gap, formation of the Coalition of Peaks, the voices of Indigenous people, and improving outcomes for Indigenous students.

Student Voice – Nathaniel Tamwoy

IEBA webinar featuring Nathaniel Tamwoy, a proud Argun man from Badu Island in the Torres Strait who has experienced education across the state and independent sectors as a day student and boarder. Nathaniel’s key messages include: good intentions are not enough and we need to increase our expectations and stop our deficit thinking.

From Functioning to Flourishing


WW consultations with researchers conducted online in May 2022 to provide schools and other relevant stakeholders with guidance in improving boarding experiences of Indigenous students from remote communities. Includes factors contributing to positive and negative outcomes for student success. Includes 63 research references.

Indigenous Voice – Thomas Mayor

Thomas Mayor travelled Australia for 18 months garnering support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart and carrying the sacred canvas. Thomas addressed delegates at the 2021 National Indigenous Education & Boarding Symposium about the importance of Indigenous Voice. Thomas is the author of Finding The Heart of The Nation.

Indigenous Parents of Boarding Students 2022


WW report based on consultations with parents of Indigenous Boarding students. Contains six recommendations based on engagement with communities prior to enrolment, establishment of cultural advisory groups, chaperones for students from remote communities and the provision of ABSTUDY workshops for parents so they are aware of their rights and entitlements.

Listening to First Nations young people REPORT

A report on two consultations: one with a group of current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boarding students from AFL Cape York House; secondly with young adult woman who had been to boarding schools. Key themes around Before, During and After boarding and qualities of good teachers. Includes infographics