Education in remote and complex environments

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This inquiry examined how education meets the learning needs of students in regional, rural and remote communities and how barriers in education can be overcome. 14 recommendations were made around improving access to quality education including subsidised early education and care for Indigenous children, and supported early learning programs.

Closing the Gap – Donnella Mills video presentation

Donnella Mills, Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation was a Keynote speaker at the National Indigenous Education & Boarding Symposium in 2021.
Donella’s video presentation is on Closing the Gap, formation of the Coalition of Peaks, the voices of Indigenous people, and improving outcomes for Indigenous students.

Power of education: From surviving to thriving

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Report considers the barriers and circumstances that hinder Indigenous students’ education outcomes. Recommendations include Indigenous Boarding, ie establishing a National Indigenous Boarding Strategy requiring boarding facilities to meet agreed standards for the health, wellbeing and cultural safety of Indigenous students and funding boarding facilities to meet these standards.

Coalition of Peaks: IEBA Issue paper

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Overview of the Coalition of Peaks, a representative body of over seventy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled peak organisations and members. The Coalition came together as an act of self-determination to be formal partners with Australian governments on Closing the Gap.

The National Agreement on Closing the Gap


Developed in partnership between Australian Governments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak organisations, includes several targets around education and further education, including early childhood education.