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  • Boarding Facility Design
  • Cultural Competence
  • Cultural Identity
  • Cultural Standards
  • Enrolment
  • Family Community Engagement
  • First 100 Days
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Orientation
  • Preparing parents for boarding
  • Preparing students for boarding
  • Remote Education
  • Reports
  • Social Emotional Well-Being
  • Student Travel
  • Student Voice
  • Transitions into school
  • early exits

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Transition to boarding school is a significant period of adjustment for Indigenous students.

Preboarding covers the period before students even set foot at boarding school. Preboarding incorporates numerous factors that families and schools can put in place to ensure a positive transition to boarding school.

Preboarding elements include visits from teachers/boarding staff to remote communities, visits to prospective boarding schools, building positive first impressions, enabling parent and guardian readiness and facilitating regular family contact.

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In-boarding describes the period of time that a student is attending boarding school. Each moment on a student’s journey in boarding is important and can influence if they keep coming back to school. In-boarding includes the first day a student attends class right up until the day they leave.


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Post-Boarding covers the time a student is making choice beyond school and the period after they have departed boarding school to transition to a post-school pathway. Students can be supported to continue their journey into employment, tertiary study or pursue numerous alternative pathways.


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