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Darryl’s journey: IEBA video interview

Darryl, an Indigenous student from Ceduna in SA, has been a boarder at Immanuel College in Adelaide for 4 years. He shares his boarding experience and his advice for new Indigenous boarders. The Principal and the Director of Boarding talk about the school’s Orientation program and their commitment to the students.

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Why do we need a Standard? – IEBA webinar

Keynote Address by Hon Warren Snowdon MP at the National Indigenous Education & Boarding Symposium Geelong, 17 March 2020.

Presents arguments for the need to develop a National Indigenous Cultural Boarding Standard as well as a National Indigenous Cultural Boarding Strategy.

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Student retention in boarding schools for indigenous students

Student Retention (or lack of student retention) is probably the biggest issue faced by schools and residences that catering Indigenous students. It seems to be an issue faced by all schools and residences although some organizations have better retention than others. This informal paper poses some strategies to build retention.

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Boarding and Australia’s First Peoples – IEBA webinar

In this webinar Marnie discusses her book, Boarding and Australia’s First Peoples, which encourages new and collaborative approaches to Indigenous education programs.

Built around the first-hand narratives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alumni from across Australia scholarly analysis is layered with personal accounts and reflections.

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