Category: Indigenous Voice and Culture

Many Nations – Scott Anderson CEO

Many Nations Ltd operate four micro schools across Queensland with a maximum of 35 disadvantaged and disengaged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to stop the school to prison pipeline. CEO Scott Anderson provides an overview of the work of Many Nations and their future directions.

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Darryl’s journey: IEBA video interview

Darryl, an Indigenous student from Ceduna in SA, has been a boarder at Immanuel College in Adelaide for 4 years. He shares his boarding experience and his advice for new Indigenous boarders. The Principal and the Director of Boarding talk about the school’s Orientation program and their commitment to the students.

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Successful remote schools: what are they?

A lecture paper based on the Remote Education Systems (RES) project data about how schools and systems perceive educational “success”. Success in the eyes of remote education stakeholders—and particularly remote Aboriginal community members—is about parent and community involvement in schools, while schools and systems focus on solutions such as quality teachers, attendance, and boarding schools.

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It Would Give you a Space to be Yourself

This research sought to investigate the possible relationship between the interior architecture of current boarding schools and the level of ‘belonging’ felt by the Aboriginal students who live in them.
Key findings include that there is a role for interior design in the delivery of positive boarding school experiences.

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Isadora’s Journey

The purpose of this report is to identify and share best practice success factors and strategies that have been shown to support Indigenous students to successfully complete their secondary education and make the transition into further study or employment.

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