Trinity alum Ethan Taylor awarded prestigious Charlie Perkins Scholarship 2022


The Charlie Perkins scholarship provides an opportunity for two talented Indigenous Australians to undertake postgraduate study at the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge.
Warumungu man Ethan Taylor, from Melbourne University’s Trinity College, is the recipient of a Charlie Perkins scholarship in 2022.

Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration

The Declaration is the most recent instalment in a series of policy documents released by the Education Council since 1989. Each of the declarations aims to outline the national educational goals and commitments for the ten years following its release, at which point an updated document is released.

2022 ABSTUDY Video guides for boarding providers


Set of 8 You tube videos for boarding providers to support staff, including 3 instructional videos for travel. Videos include: Managing your students’ payments: Travel for orientation activities; Safe travel plans; Special purpose travel; Start and end of term travel; How to change a travel booking; and How to request a travel reimbursement

2022 ABSTUDY Fact sheet for staff

What-Works-Placeholders image

One-page fact sheet with brief information on: What is ABSTUDY; Who can get ABSTUDY; how families get ABSTUDY; and What you can do to help families prepare.

2022 ABSTUDY Video resources


Set of 8 short ABSTUDY videos on YouTube, including:

Intro to ABSTUDY, How to claim ABSTUDY, ABSTUDY for high school students living at home, ABSTUDY for high school students living away from home, ABSTUDY for higher education and training, and 4 tips to get the most out of your ABSTUDY.

2022 ABSTUDY How to book travel


Boarding schools and hostels can arrange ABSTUDY student travel by emailing a booking request form. The booking form requires details including:
• the reason for travel
• the school or hostel contact details
• the name and date of birth of the person travelling
• the Customer Reference Number (CRN) of the person travelling

2022 ABSTUDY High school Ekit


The eKit contains the following targeted resources to support high school students in their ABSTUDY journey:
• factsheets for parents and guardians
• mini booklet for high school students
• posters
• newsletter article to encourage early claiming
• factsheet for staff and community members
• image tile to share on social media channels.

2022 ABSTUDY General Ekit


An eKit designed to help people in communities to understand who can get ABSTUDY and what it pays for. It includes the following resources:
• mini mag
• posters
• social media tile
• factsheets
• Easy Read guide
• infographic.